There's always one

I've been a professional author since 2002. There is one takeaway greater than any other when  your project is mostly text. You will always find another typo. You will find some small detail you never caught before that screams so loudly at you that you feel like the worst writer in the world. The updates to the game file since I've announced the core game as complete are all fixes for typos. 

For example, while doing another round of edits on the companion short story collection, I found a typo in the game text. The word "the" was repeated as "the the" in a sentence. At some point, using find/replace to correct one typo among its occurrences throughout the game file produced another. 

I will eventually stop reuploading the file. Obviously, today was not that day. It has to be that day by the 25th when the game officially comes out. I guess I should feel good that I have the time to step back and catch some of these tiny little mistakes before it goes live.

I also know this way madness lies. Even most professionally published books from the biggest publishing houses in the world release with typos that still don't get corrected on a third print run or even in the mass market paperback edition. We're all in good company on that. 


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Oct 03, 2021

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